Smart Healthcare Ventures – Delivering Innovation in Healthcare

TRUSTECH Smart Healthcare Ventures Ltd (SHV) has a simple mission: to help industry and the NHS to collaborate more effectively for mutual benefit.

By working closely with healthcare professionals, SHV can help to identify the new products and services the NHS needs to provide high quality, safe and cost-effective patient care.

Our commercial clients can gain an insight into the NHS enabling them to fast-track products and services through the development process, thus getting them to market more quickly. It also takes the guesswork out of R&D spend, delivering a better return on investment and increasing ROI for clients.

SHV has a direct route into the NHS and a strong track record of delivering innovation. Our flexible approach means we can bring together the right team of people to meet clients’ needs – and respond quickly to opportunities through the delivery of high value services.

Our service includes:

  • Arranging meetings for clients with key NHS personnel
  • NHS market research and intelligence gathering
  • product trials and evaluations
  • contract and project management
  • access to NHS partners and markets
  • access to public and private sector funding
  • managing IP and advising on licence agreements
  • facilities for companies in our MedTECH Centre
  • a network of associates and partners.


TRUSTECH Smart Healthcare Ventures Ltd is effectively owned by the NHS. The company trades as Smart Healthcare Ventures and works in partnership with TRUSTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Service.