Developing Commercial Relationships

January 27, 2012 | Chloe

An experienced B2B organisation, Smart Healthcare Ventures has the expertise and infrastructure to carry out contracts for a wide range of partners in the UK and internationally.

  • We were appointed by a large healthcare company to scope clinical needs in peri and post-operative surgical infection control, using our extensive NHS contacts.
  • The Manchester Investment and Innovation Fund and NHS North West awarded us the contract to deliver a ‘Smart Solutions for Healthcare‘ programme to help the NHS find new ways to combat cardiovascular disease and long term conditions such as diabetes.
  • We collaborated with MIMIT (Manchester Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology) to provide an advanced framework for elderly care management for the Edward Centre for Healthcare Research based in China.
  • An NHS partner was found for Australian-based company Patientrack to develop and trial their electronic patient monitor and alert software which is now being used in around 10 NHS Trusts nationwide.
  • Our team worked with a number of healthcare companies to enable them to exhibit at the Department of Health’s National Dementia Toolkit rollout conferences.